Have you ever thought of tendering as a source of bookings?, well believe it or not there are often requests for accommodation from the Government or Private sector. Yes tendering may be new and cumbersome, but once you get a system in place then the subsequent tenders become easier. And yes C&CCC have completed a tender ( we were unsuccessful but learn’t a great deal ), so below are three examples of Agencies that put accommodation out to Tender and some examples of current tenders. Enjoy!

Australian Tenders


NSW Gov’t Tenders


Aus Gov’t Tenders


Example 1 – Clarke Creek Wind Farm – Accommodation Providers


Example 2 – Inland Rail – Narrabri to North Star (N2NS) Separable Portion 1 – Housing and Accommodation Service Providers


Example 3 – Snowy 2.0 – Accommodation and Housing.


Example 4 – Development of Bango Wind farm – Accommodation Facilities


Example 5 – Collector Wind Farm – Accommodation https://www.australiantenders.com.au/tenders/387708/collector-wind-farm-accommodation-providers/?searchId=1580257074&page=2

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